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New transport strikes take place in the UK and european Countries.

New transport strikes take place in the UK and european Countries.


As strikes in the travel industry spread across Europe on Saturday, Britain's train system once more came to a near stop. The latest day-long protest by tens of thousands of UK rail employees over wages and job security disrupted weekend plans for many previously impacted by earlier strikes.

Airline strikes

Britain and most of Europe are also dealing with skyrocketing prices and slow economic development, which raises the possibility of a summer of strikes across Europe. On Saturday, Ryanair employees launched strikes in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, and Belgium.

Due to this, two flights between Lisbon and Brussels had to be cancelled, while the USO transport union in Spain said that 75 flights from six different sites had to be cancelled. The union also criticised the substitution of Moroccan workers for striking employees, calling this practise unconstitutional since it infringed on employees' freedom to strike.

Only 41% of Ryanair flights departed from Charleroi Airport in Brussels on Saturday as a result of the strike in Belgium. According to an airport spokesperson who spoke to AFP, the low-cost carrier has been forced to cancel 127 flights since Friday. A three-day strike by employees of Brussels Airlines that ended on Saturday made the situation in Belgium much more problematic. Due to this, the airline, which is owned by Lufthansa, has been forced to cancel 600 of its flights since Thursday.