Syndicated Research


Syndicated Market Research Solutions

Syndicated research is research that is independently conducted, published and sold by a market research firm.
The market research firm leverages its industry expertise and experience to determine the subject and scope of the study, including the questions asked and the populations targeted, and offers its results and analysis to multiple clients.

Staying acquainted with the latest and emerging market trends renders companies the competitive advantage they need. Future Market Insights’ syndicated research services provide clients the valuable intelligence necessary to gain this edge.

GMR’s syndicated research reports enable clients to meet varied market objectives – from footprint expansion to supply chain optimization and from competitor profiling to M&As.

What makes our syndicated research solutions superior?

• GMR has more than 100,000 hours of experience in providing research and business services worldwide.
• GMR has delivered syndicated research services to small/medium enterprises as well as Fortune 100 companies worldwide.
• Our syndicated research services are segmented into four major regions - Global, MENA, BRIC, and South Asia. This helps us concentrate    effectively on the client’s target market.
• GMR fact-based research reports come equipped with strategic advice from seasoned consultants.
• Clients can avail a quick market scan or full-length syndicated research report depending on their research needs.
• Our team of over 200 experienced research analysts and consultants spans four centers worldwide.

GMR’s domain expertise encompasses sectors such as BFSI, Telecom and Media, IT, Transportation, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Energy, Utilities, Chemicals, and Services.