• How do I pay for a Global Market Research purchase?

Global Market Research offers you multiple payment methods. Whatever your online mode of payment, you can rest assured that Global Market Research's trusted payment gateway partners use secure encryption technology to keep your transaction details confidential at all times.Global Market Research also accepts payments made using Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express credit/debit cards in World.

• How do I pay using a credit/debit card?

We accept payments made by credit/debit cards issued in World.

Credit cards

We accept payments made using Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards.To pay using your credit card at checkout, you will need your card number, expiry date, three-digit CVV number (found on the backside of your card). After entering these details, you will be redirected to the bank's page for entering the online 3D Secure password.

Debit cards

We accept payments made using Visa, RuPay, MasterCard and Maestro debit cards.To pay using your debit card at checkout, you will need your card number, expiry date (optional for Maestro cards), three-digit CVV number (optional for Maestro cards). You will then be redirected to your bank's secure page for entering your online password (issued by your bank) to complete the payment.

• Is it safe to use my credit/debit card on Global Market Research?

Your online transaction on Global Market Research is secure with the highest levels of transaction security currently available on the Internet i.e Paypal. Global Market Research uses 256-bit encryption technology to protect your card information while securely transmitting it to the respective banks for payment processing.

All credit card and debit card payments on Global Market Research are processed through secure and trusted payment gateways managed by leading banks. Banks now use the 3D Secure password service for online transactions, providing an additional layer of security through identity verification.

Return Policy

Due to the easily transferable nature of the value of information products, GMR maintains a "no return" policy. We encourage you to exhaust every opportunity to ensure a report meets your needs before placing an order. A table of contents and summary are available for all of our products, and samples of many reports can be viewed for free.

1.User shall pay Global Market Research for the Service and Content as shown on the website. The User is responsible for all sales, use, property or similar taxes and all customs.

2.All purchases from the Global Market Research site are final. If User is in any doubt about any transaction he/she should contact Global Market Research before making a purchase decision and clicking on the purchase button on the Global Market Research final checkout screen. If User feels that an error has occurred in any transaction User enters into through Global Market Research, User should contact Global Market Research to discuss the problem with a member of Global Market Research customer service team.

3. The electronic format and type of information sold by Global Market Research is such that Global Market Research cannot accept return of products once they have been dispatched. Refunds may occasionally be offered (under special conditions) solely at the discretion of the management.

4. Our research and reports are information and analysis contained in a digital form. Due to this nature of the products, refunds cannot be granted, once a report has been dispatched. In the case of missing or incomplete data in our market research report, Global Market Research will provide free customization of that report.