Global Market Research is a global market research and management consulting company catering to leading corporations, non-profit organizations, universities and government institutions. Our main goal is to assist and partner organizations to make lasting strategic improvements and realize growth targets. Our industry research reports are designed to provide granular quantitative information, combined with key industry insights, aimed at assisting sustainable organizational development.

Over the years Grad Market Research has earned recognition in research & consulting industry as one of the reliable and respected firm by some of the largest research houses globally.

GMR has achieved a excellent growth over the past few years with a new offerings complementing the industry growth and client needs every year. From a mere meeting expectation we have always aimed at exceeding expectations and a result of this is our repeat clients and long lasting relationships.

We believe that exceptional problems require exceptional people to solve, while exceptional people are invariably drawn towards solving exceptional problems. We have built our team around this belief, with industry analysts, consultants and domain experts, leveraging their global experience, helping us deliver excellence in all assignments we undertake.

Global Market Research publishes over 200 industry research reports, providing data points mentioned below:

  • Industry Research
  • Market Sizing & Forecast
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Pricing Trends
  • Sustainability Trends
  • Customer Insights
  • Technology Evolution
  • Innovation Trends
  • Distribution Channel Assessment

At Global Market Research, we believe that only granular information can help clients take efficient business decisions. Our reports frequently include detailed regional information for the following:

  • North America (U.S., Canada, Mexico).
  • Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru).
  • Europe (Germany, UK, France, Sweden, Greece, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium).
  • CEE and CIS (Turkey, Russia, Israel, Poland, Serbia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania).
  • MEA (South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait).
  • Asia Pacific (India, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, China, New Zealand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia).

What Makes Us Different

1. Global Market Research has access to the world's most comprehensive and updated database published by leading authors and research partners.
2. Our reports are well categorized and hand-picked keeping in the current market scenario globally and regionally enabling decision makers and top     management to easily identify and get access to the most relevant reports.
3. Our team of seasoned researchers, subject matter experts and industry consultants make sure that you receive most detailed, updated and in depth      analysis of market segmentation.
4. Considering the fact that every organization has specific research requirements, a focused tailored approach is followed by our researchers to come     up with acustomized report catering to client's exact research objectives at the most competitive price.
5. We give our clients the liberty to extract definite sections, graphs, charts, tables from our massive repository of research reports.
6. We believe in extending our services beyond what is normally offered by providing cost effective solutions.
7. We boast of holding a strong clientele base as focus is always remains on developing a strong and long lasting business relationship.
8. We are available 24/7 worldwide online and offline to make sure that your objective and your area of interest are well take care of.